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Well, I'm all for far-out weapons and stuff. Whatever makes the game fun and exciting.

There's nothing wrong with aiming for some realism, though, because it helps you to suspend your disbelief. I don't want to see 'Real-World' environments, for example, but I do want the environments in the game to appear real. That has more to do with lighting and textures than trying to make a level conform to some by-the-numbers standard for realistic construction. The same goes for other elements. You don't have to knock creativity on the head to make the gameworld seem more real. It is a game, after all, and set in a very diverse and very alien-oriented universe. ;-)

Of course everyone has their own ideas and opinions of what they want to see in the game...but at the end of the day it's up to Raven and Lucasarts. Raven has a good track-record of listening to the needs and wants of gamers...but I've no doubt they have a lot of their own cool ideas.

I guess there is quite a bit of material on these forums now for Mod-makers to work through after the final release. I'm sure they will attempt to introduce some features we have mentioned that may be lacking in the final game...and that, for me anyway, is a bonus.

So I don't think you have to worry too much. ;-)
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