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"Remember! North gate at sunset!" Cain heard from the dwarf. He quickly paid his tab and stood up. Noticing he only had a small amount of money left. A job would be a nice change to being a local drunk. He slowly walked out of the tavern feeling exhausted. Knowing that he would revert to Lich form any minute.

He slowly walked down a road towards the main gate. Noticing his hand had reverted to Lich form. He slowly made it to the North gate. He leaned on the gate waiting for sunset. So he could just do this easy job and get paid. He leaned on it and took his sword out so he was leaning on it as well. He was still exhausted and knew that come sunset he would not be a pretty sight to behold

Cain sighed slightly still leaning on the gate. Waiting

"There's gotta be a better way to make a living"
-Kyle Katarn
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