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"North gate at sunset..."

He rolled his eyes. Kadis had no real interest in escorting anyone, especially some excuse for a dwarf, anywhere, but he needed to return to Port Jasper anyway - this particular backwater held no real interest for him, and Port Jasper was the place to be for when he reformed his Company. With any luck, he might be able to pull together enough gold to get a decent start and avoid the pointless and most importantly low-paying thuggery that lone sellswords generally had to do.

He poured his drink 'down the hatch', then leaned way back in his chair, hoping to catch forty winks before the journey got started. Leaving at sunset was unusual, and suggested that there was something unusual about the dwarf's goods. He'd need to be properly rested to handle what would undoubtably waylay them. Long journeys were never quiet.
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