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Originally posted by Lord_FinnSon:
1) When killed characters fall to the ground, their limbs or part of the body should never go through structure. Same as when Kyle walks over those bodies, he can't set his foot through them.
Isn't that down to collision-detection? I thought they said that was going to be improved using the modifications to the engine?

2) Plants move aside and trees shake when characters/animals move close to them. Also, trees should fall to the ground, if shot or slashed with lightsaber.
That would be a nice bit of polish, and not too difficult to implement. Rune used a skeletal system for some of the foliage, which moved when you brushed against it. As GHOUL 2 (which includes a skeletal animation system) is being used in JK2, I would think a similar effect could be implemented fairly easily.

3) While walking on a watery terrain, it slows down movement depending on how much of characters bodies are underwater. As they emerge from the water, they leave little puddles behind them.
I seem to recall that in JK the force of water flow affected your speed, when in water channels, etc. As for water-logged terrain...I would imagine it is possible. I remember the swamp level in Heretic II...where you got sucked down if you fell in. That would certainly impede your progress.

4)Characters leave footprints into snow or mud, and we can see Kyle's breath evaporating in a cold climate.
Have you ever played Soldier Of Fortune? All that was done in SOF, and very nice it was too. ;-)

As for any other little touches, how about...

1. If you could shoot the lights out, it would be nice if that area actually went dark. You could use it for stealth (if shot from a distance), or to charge into a room of enemies using infra-red goggles/Force Seeing, and cause absolute mayhem.

2. Improved water effects would be very welcome - like reflections, depth of view (fogging/shading), character shadows on water, refraction, ripples/waves, that sort of thing.

3. No exploding boxes/crates. I have to say I found them annoying in JK. Also, it's a bit unrealistic finding crates on nearly every level. ;-) I'd like to see some more original devices used for delivering up shields/ dead bodies (outside of inhabited areas), storage cupboards in rooms, some wrecked vehicles, a predator's lair, shops that trade in weapons/ammo/armour (like in the Baron's Hed level), or hidden in a dugout cave as a cache. It would make more sense, encourage more exploration and keep things interesting, instead of seeing a crate and thinking "Oh, there's a crate with my next ammo/shield/battery".*delete as appropriate*

If I think of more, I'll let you know. ;-)

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