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I got a couple that were on singleplayer.

1. I was playing on Tatooine dune sea as the the imps, dark trooper and i was just jumping around near the scarlaac pit, well the scarlaac grabs me while i was going to jet jump and it was some sort of glitch because it kept tossing me around for like 2 minutes, it was the most fun i had in a while haha.

2. I was playing on rhen var harbour as the clones and i got into the at-te and marched into the CIS's main base and took out about 100 droids, good times.

3. I was playing on Kashyyyk islands, as the rebels and a rebel vanguard shot 2 rockets at a dark trooper as he was just about to jet jump the rockets hit him and the dark trooper went flying about 50 feet high, really high and lands right on ontop of me or near me. it was great, I love this game

This was played on xbox.

By Krilce
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