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Stormhammer: 3. No exploding boxes/crates. I have to say I found them annoying in JK. Also, it's a bit unrealistic finding crates on nearly every level. ;-) I'd like to see some more original devices used for delivering up shields/ dead bodies (outside of inhabited areas), storage cupboards in rooms, some wrecked vehicles, a predator's lair, shops that trade in weapons/ammo/armour (like in the Baron's Hed level), or hidden in a dugout cave as a cache. It would make more sense, encourage more exploration and keep things interesting, instead of seeing a crate and thinking "Oh, there's a crate with my next ammo/shield/battery".
Funny you say that because I was just thinking earlier today that the old "come to a door, find the key, come back to the door-scheme" is getting a little overused. Not the same thing but it's along the lines.

Almost every level in Jedi Knight uses this type of puzzle at least once if not more than once. JK is one of my favorite games, but that is one thing about it that bothered me. I remember parts when I would be really into it, then it would seem weird because you have to go looking around the level for the room with a bunch of stormtroopers guarding the key.

I could understand if you came to a locked door with some officers guarding, blasted them and took the key away from whomever was holding it, in order to open the door behind them. It's just getting old in my opinion. Am I alone on this?

What I am saying is I can think of dozens of new ways to implement puzzles besides the tried and true "key search." Especially in a game like Star Wars:Jedi Knight 2.

Thankfully Jedi Outcast will supposedly have more emphasis on the saber, so this issue could be cured.

I say if you they are gonna make a key puzzle, don't bother. Just leave the door open. But that's just my opinion.

I don't know if this is considered too much realism, but I say start removing the cheesy factors from games, unless they are cheesy games themselves. But a game like Jedi Knight should be considered very serious. I'm not trying to say take away from the humorous side of Star Wars, but it's the little things that can take away from a game.

I'm just happy this game is in the hands of Raven.
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