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(I'll edit this to include everyone else once I know they're going with the dwarf.)
After hearing the dwarf say to meet him at the North Gate at sunset, he figured that he could use the gold, and that tracking down the zealots who burned his home to the ground could wait. It had waited for fifteen years already, and waiting a little longer wouldn't make much of a difference. After finishing his ale, he paid the bartender and left for the inn. At the inn, he told the innkeeper that he would need neither a room for the night or a stable for his horse after all. After that, he went back to the tavern to see who else would be joining the dwarf.

After ordering a mug of mead, Curudir looked around at everyone else in the tavern. He could not tell by looking at them whether or not they were going to also aid in escorting the dwarf, but he assumed that those who were equipped for such a journey (ie: carrying weapons and armour with them) were likely among those who would partake in such. However, that could very well be nearly anyone in the tavern, as the roads so dangerous to travel these days. So, he kept an eye on the time as he sipped his drink and waited to head for the north gate.

(figured I should just redo the whole thing)

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