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The basic problem of JK1 hand positioning is that it was in no way natural but always (limited animation framing) fighting dedicated.

With this in mind, how you move should be selectable not only as a class, clothing or combat-movement condition basis but purely individually by size, species (heh! it's SW!:-) and gender as well as culturalized posture.

Unfortunately I doubt if we will have that many models, but it's something Raven might look into for MP so that we can customize more than skins and/or at least select from several 'skeletal morphs'.

Crates are fine it's the fact that they explode (making sabre breach expensive) and the fact that they are so conveniently 'bite sized' that makes them immersion killers.
More variety of both cache-location and /useful objects/ (power is power and it might be in many different 'appliance' classes that could be 'plugged in' to your weapon charging port as much as stylized clips).

I agree that excessive puzzlery is a pain and is part of what turned me off of TPM the game. I think people confuse adventure with organization and the need to do three things to make a bridge extend versus the ability to simply do a superhuman leap and enjoy the experience of having done the impossible (for instance).

That said, there's nothing wrong with making the _consequences_ of some actions more difficult such as blowing out the controls of a door to keep a squad of angry Imps at bay only to find that you have deactivated the bridge and have to rewire the panel or otherwise 'manually bypass' the problem.

That said, military is very fond of remote moating and isolation strategies like kill corridor 'boxes' where an action cannot be controlled from the point of occurance and where you have to be 'inspected in isolation' between an outer and inner ward before passage. These kinds of traps and dangers would be interesting to work through, either by compelling someone to operate the controls, operating them yourself with The Force, or simply 'doing things the hard way' slowly hacking apart a door or going through a wall with the lightsabre (might activate a short cutscene when wish-selected rather than physically interacting with ALL the world types).

The key here is to make yourself feel brilliant or at least 'very determined' /without/ all the single-path folderol of 'talk to the gutter rat to find the key, kill the guardian to get the key, unlock the gate and go through'.

The Marines call it 'improvise to overcome' and together with FIREPOWER; it is the heart of what makes a combat game different from everyday humdrum life.

In this case, 'enhanced realism' is not the way you do things but WHO you feel like when doing them.

A nerd with a crossword puzzle and a pencil protector or a big bad Jedi Knight with a swingin' blade 'this

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long!' ;-)

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