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Originally posted by SlowbieOne:
Funny you say that because I was just thinking earlier today that the old "come to a door, find the key, come back to the door-scheme" is getting a little overused. Not the same thing but it's along the lines....It's just getting old in my opinion. Am I alone on this?

What I am saying is I can think of dozens of new ways to implement puzzles besides the tried and true "key search." Especially in a game like Star Wars:Jedi Knight 2.
I have to say that I agree. It is a problem prevalent in many games, not just JK. Half-Life is another have all that firepower at your disposal, but you can't open a door. Instead you have to clamber through the ventilation system, fight your way through a dozen bad guys, and get to the door from the other side just so you can take a Barney with you to the next section. I mean, how dumb is that when one of your weapons is actually a crowbar? :P

I don't mind using controls to open a door from another location - I liked the part in JK where you had to use Force Speed to get into that tower, for example.

I too get annoyed when you have to play a game of hunt the keycard. As you said, it mentioned somewhere that the saber will play a more important role in the game, so hopefully you will be able to cut through at least some doors if you wish.

Having said that, though, I would still prefer a couple of ways to enter buildings, or bypass security measures. Having two ways in, both with their own advantages/disadvantages, would be good.

Going back to that Half-Life example...if I had the choice to either open the door (by blasting/saber-cutting) and maybe pay the penalty in a heated fire-fight, OR go through the ventilation system to outflank my opponents - I would be happy.

Other ways in might be...

1. Hiding in a vehicle or droid (if large enough) and wait for it to go through.
2. Jumping over a wall if it's low enough.
3. Leaping up to an open window - or into a vent.
4. Donning a disguise.
5. Crawling through a sewage pipe.
6. Using Jedi Mind Trick on the guard in control of the door.
7. Use a nearby vehicle to crash through a door/wall (like in MotS).
8. Saber/Blaster fire to reduce the barrier to molten scrap.
9. Crack the code at a security panel, like in Dark Forces...but unlike DF, have enemies still coming at you intermitently.
10. Use a crowbar.

If you had a choice of two of those to get past each security door, it would be great, and enable you to make the decision whether to use stealth or just go in all-guns-blazing. ;-)

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