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Originally posted by Myxale:
...we must keep in mind its still a 3D Shooter game.!!

...There are a lot of "Setting" which can make a game becomes a expiriance..
But keep the Game in mind.....
I agree. I want an enjoyable FPS at the end of the day, with some nice features to enhance the gameplay.

However, I think the point I'm really trying to make in some of my posts, is that I'm a bit tired of some illogical design.

If the game developer is going to give you a crowbar and a nice arsenal of weapons, how can they logically prevent you from going straight through that fire-door in your path? Why make you go around half the level so you can just open it easily from the other side? Either don't give the player powerful weapons or crowbars in that situation, or make sure you design the door so it looks indestructable.

Or if they put a nicely textured glass window in a can it not break when you fire a rocket launcher at it? I would rather they just put in a wall without windows, and shove a poster on it if it really needs some colour.

The level design should assist you in your suspension of disbelief IMHO, and when it goes against what you think you should be able to do, it impacts your immersion in the game.

I'm all for puzzle-solving elements, and alternative routes if it improves gameplay, but it has to make at least some kind of sense. ;-)
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