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1. Hiding in a vehicle or droid (if large enough) and wait for it to go through.
2. Jumping over a wall if it's low enough.
3. Leaping up to an open window - or into a vent.
4. Donning a disguise.
5. Crawling through a sewage pipe.
6. Using Jedi Mind Trick on the guard in control of the door.
7. Use a nearby vehicle to crash through a door/wall (like in MotS).
8. Saber/Blaster fire to reduce the barrier to molten scrap.
9. Crack the code at a security panel, like in Dark Forces...but unlike DF, have enemies still coming at you intermitently.
10. Use a crowbar.
I'm just guessing these came off of the top of your head. Imagine what we could come up with here if we all thought really hard about it.

Certainly more interesting things than a regular old key.

If Soldier of Fortune is any indication of Jedi Outcast, hopefully Raven will steer clear of the keys(maybe 1 or 2 instances would not bother me a bit, but more is just too unoriginal to me).

ESPECIALLY in a universe like Star Wars.
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