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Stormhammer:So get posting already!
As soon as Jedi Knight 2 was announced, me and a few friends decided we are gonna make a Total Conversion provided Raven and Lucasarts allow editing (actually I'm praying for it,heh).

We have a site we are toying with, but we won't launch it until LA officially announces the availibility of editing.

It will be based on Luke Skywalker and will span around 30 years (yup, we have BIG plans!) We have all been doing a ton of research too make it as close to the Star Wars universe as possible. It won't consist solely of events that really took place and the new story elements we are adding are really starting to get interesting.

Of course one thing holding us back is not knowing JK2's story yet.

ANYWAY, we have many original ideas for levels, cutscenes, and everything in general that will make this seem like anything BUT a game. Basically we are bored with what is considered "the norm" for most levels in most FPS'ers. I can assure you we have ideas that I haven't seem in FPS'ers. Which finally brings me to my point.

I would post some ideas but we have what I consider good original ideas, and we would like to suprise people with them. You'll just have to wait a few years!
But I promise we will deliver if editing is allowed, no matter how long it takes.

We are certainly not getting serious at all about this until we get the word, but it doesn't hurt to plan ahead. If anyone is interested in hearing more or possibly interested in helping drop me an e-mail @...
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