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Originally posted by SlowbieOne:
Thanks for the vote of confidence Stormhammer. I was under the impression that since we would be making a Star Wars game within a Star Wars game, there would be no infringement if editing was legal. Is there something I might be overlooking?
Let us all assume that editing and mod-making will be allowed for JK2. Let us also assume that the game will come with it's own editor, and a variety of skins and alien models (particularly for MP, I would imagine).

Let us even assume that one of the models available will be Luke (who you hinted would be a focus of your mod).

All of those things are copyrighted...but if JK2 allows mod-making, then you should be able to freely use most of the game's content, including textures, to make mods - as long as you only use whatever editor comes with JK2. That is pretty standard. By granting you the ability to make mods, they are effectively granting you the use of the game's standard content within those mods - along with any of your own, original artwork/creations.

Now let's say you want to use a readily identifiable character model that does not come as part of JK2...a character that may be critical to the mod you want to make. If that character is not included in the content of JK2, it's copyright technically would remain outside of the context of the game. Therefore, to use that character, you would need to seek permission to model/skin it.

The same rule really applies to any specific model/skin from the Star Wars universe that is not included in the game.

If you can make your mod using only the content in the game, plus any of your own original art/models etc., there should not be a problem.

Hope that helps. ;-)
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