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Originally Posted by Ctrl_Alt_Del
As long as he's not called Saren...

No offense, you're proposing something as worth and valuable as every one else, but if we're going to stay with the clichés, then why not keep the Sith boss?
I have no problem with it being a member of the sith race, and would even prefer it. An alien supremacist head enemy is really the one direction that hasn't been covered in a kotor game though.
Originally Posted by Rev7
Yeah, I mean killing all of the enemies that you have already killed, would definately be difficult. As non-agressive force ghosts, now that is a whole different idea. Maybe this boss could show you the force ghosts of all the people/creatures that you have killed. That might be an interesting twist...
I wasn't talking about necessarily non agressive ones, though it could be. there are sith force ghosts as well as Jedi ones. You have the option to kill one in K1 (Ajunta Pall who you can kill or convert depending on your abilities and preferences) as well as a sort of force ghosts K2 (in the korriban tomb you kill the jedi force ghosts, as well as malak, your other party members other than kreia, and one of revan). So actual sith ghosts as enemies would be a new direction if we were fighting the old villians from the former games before we get to kill the main enemy.

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