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Eldir stared at Cia as she moved from her table to his. As she sat down, he took a sip of his drink before placing the mug on the table and sitting upright. His green eyes never left the woman.
"Assassin or thief?" he asked finally after a silence that would be unnerving to even some of the stronger willed beings allowed inside most city walls. Actually, the bard himself got slightly nervous because of it.


The Centaur looked at Radek and nodded with a smile before turning for the door and leaving. The north gate wasn't that far and neither was sunset. The sun burned as bright orange somewhere beyond the buildings and the sky was mostly cloudless. The season meant that the moon would be glowing extremely brightly. Skarra had to admit that the dwarf was a very cleaver little merchant. Traveling when the bandits were camped in their lairs and getting ready for the next day of pillaging was quite the idea. And especially when you hire as many adventurers, tired bandits would not be up for a proper fight anyways.

Skarra looked over at Radek and then towards the north gate.
"We still have some time before the sun sets. No need to rush, I guess" the so called 'noble' creature said.
"What drove you to wandering, Radek? Last time I heard of you, you were happily defending you village's peace. A noble cause, but one that gets boring fast enough for one to leave for adventures when he should be coming back from them?"

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