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Originally Posted by Brighteyes
S' people like you Fealiks that keep me in a job, teaching those too lazy to look past the end of their garden path.
We wouldn't be having this argument if I hadn't looked past the end of my garden path.
Originally Posted by Brighteyes
BUT when the way we live detroys the very thing that gave us life
(b4 you say it fealiks im not talking about your parents)
I wasn't actually going to say anything, but yeah now you've brought it up, the Earth didn't give me life.
Originally Posted by Brighteyes
then we've got to do some drastic re-modelling of society which could start with small things like not eating at unsustainable franchises
How is that going to help anything?


Sorry if I came off in this post (and all of my others) like an arsehole, I don't mean to be.
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