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Cia's ice-blue eyes had not wavered from the bard's green ones through the entirety of the long silence they shared. And when the bard finally asked, 'Assassin or thief?' a faint smirk traced her lips, but her eyes still would not release his.

"Thief," she answered. "Assassin only if it's truly worth it... if the mark is truly worthy of death." She allowed him a brief pause to digest that information before asking, "Why?"

His move again.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Radek was silent for a moment. "Boring, yes," he said slowly, but it didn't sound quite as though he meant it. "Defense of my city was my life for so many years. I..." He shook his head. "The head of the Council passed away not long before I left. His successor had some... issues with me that he didn't want to deal with."

They walked in silence for a moment. "I was banished, Skarra, though the people of Palmino will never know. They were told that I had made the decision to take up a nomadic lifestyle, and I have done nothing to correct that thinking. I am not willing to bend to the level of the gutless wretch now leading the Council."

By that, he meant he was not intending to expose the leader's dislike of him, or what really happened between them. There was a touch of pride in his voice, and it was clear that he would keep to his exile until he was called back to his home... if ever.

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