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Originally Posted by *Don*
Okay, this is my first time posting in "The Unknown Regions", so forgive me if this thread has been started already.

What type of party members do u want for KOTOR 3 (assuming that it will be made)?
What species, qualifications, allignments do u want them to have?
Also, what type of histories do u want them to possess (former soldier, jedi, etc...).
I want them to have a little of everything. Twi'leks, Gran, Wookies, humans, Rodians, the works. And they would have the Influence System, but have half be evil, half be good.
As for histories, they all would have done something noteworthy(Mandalorian Wars, Exchange, surving the attack on Taris, Civil War, surviving the Jedi Purge(Thats when all the Jedi except the Exile, the Lost Jedi(Exile's companions), and The Last Jedi Masters)).
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