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Originally Posted by JCarter426
I'm pretty sure it's Wisdom, not Charisma, that increases Will.
Yup its Con-> Fort, Dex->Reflex, Wiz-> Will.

And really, seeing all the ancient sithlords with big armor and stuff, coupled with the fact that the force has a will on its own, it would make way more sense to use Wiz. So its just balancing.

I mean, currently:
Wiz: gives you Will Saves, AC bonus(Jedi, monk style).
Dex: still a way to get AC, oh and reflex saves.
Cha: The traditional dump stat, esp when there are only a few spor where Cha bonus is used rather than the lightsaber, so a bit of force related bonus is needed. But yes, if you still want to go hack n slash style then even that bit of fun can be ignored.

Though I personally like characters with higher cha, to pick up barmaids and what not and other fun stuff.
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