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Well okay, "the Earth" is really vague but I get what you're saying. And if we're continuing down the path we're going, WE will take it away not the Earth (I know the chances of you seriously blaming it on the Earth are really slim... just thought I'd throw it out there...).

And while we're on the subject of saving the planet, let's talk about recycling. Everyone thinks that recycling is the best thing since fried bread, but I think I've found evidence that recycling is actually a load of crap and isn't helping anything. Daniel K. Benjamin is an author who exposes the 8 myths of recycling. There is a PDF available here:

Here are the 8 essential myths he exposes:
1. “Our garbage will bury us”
2. “Our garbage will poison us”
3. “Packaging is our problem”
4. “We must achieve trash independence”
5. “We squander irreplacable resources when we don’t recycle”
6. “Recycling always protects the environment”
7. “Recycling saves resources”
8. “Without forced recycling mandates, there wouldn’t be recycling”
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