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Originally Posted by *Don*
For example, there are only 9 slots available for the Party Members but there should be over 20 recruitable NPCs. This would add variety to the game and also allow the PC to experience a wider range of allies. Of course, if u get bored with some of them, or if u want some of them back, u can always pick them up/drop them off whenever u wish.

What are ur thoughts on that?
It wouldn't be possible. I'm sure he writers had a hard enough time making the 12 party members in K2; in fact, they seem to have run out of time for Bao-dur. who has nothing to say after Telos, and Mical, whose entire background got cut.

Here's an alternative:

*7 mandatory party members (7)
*1 male/female only party member (out of 2)
*1 light/dark side only party member (out of 2)
*1 optional party member (out of 2)

So that's 13 possible party members total, to fill 10 slots. Assuming the game isn't rushed (hint hint, LucasArts ), that shouldn't be too much of a problem.

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