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Resources? Now he states that curbside recycling uses a large amount of capital, so mainly his twisted conclusions state that curbside collection is bad due to the cost, not what he started to say and thats about conserving resources.

Gotta admit i do agree with the transportation of recyclables being a problem.
we can conclude

"that there is plenty of fossil fuel available for the foreseeable future." -
He can ram this fact up his arse!

"Many life forms exist today in the quantities they do only because
humans use them, and thus have taken care to make sure they are
Yeah it's called reforestation and it's a BAD thing mostly due to the increase of undesirable species that are already abundant that then overun and decimate the weaker species. PLUS the growth of extra forests isn't great because the species that use them are obviously adaptable at living in a human disturbed environment. IE: Deer, foxes etc. So what happens to the dwellers that needed the moss growth or foliage that was in the forest and takes decades to regrow. They only reforest with undesirable tree species upsetting natures balance. Whereas before there may have been a great ancient woodland, there'll now be and forever a well maintained, heavily used neat and tidy pine forest which is no bloody use to any of the species there beforehand. Also increasing the number of scavangers, a good example is the battle of red and grey squirrels.

"Recycling is a long-practiced, productive, indeed essential,
element of the market system." - He's not against recycling as stated.
So i'm afraid it does not quote that "recycling is a load of crap". He just reckons its commercial and essential for making money.
So if recyclings so bad prove me why recycling one glass jar saving enough energy to power a TV for and hour is a bad thing?
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