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Honestly, I don't want HK-47 to be recruitable, nor do I want Canderous, though I'd like to see both of them as faction leaders. I would like one of the HK-51's loyal to Hk-47 from K2's cut content to be recruitable. I'd like one of the mandalorians that are part of the army Canderous assembled in k2 to be recruitable. I would like to have T3 recruitable.

I'd like to see either Atris (Redeemed), Kriea's sith force ghost (as DS), Bastilla (as neutral or ds teacher to your character), or Jolee (neutral) as teacher.

I would kind of like a choice between recruiting Hanhar and Zalbar in a face off between the two. Bringing both wookies into the first two games, then leaving both to wander the galaxy does make it seem that a wookie who's destined to lead his people, and another who slaughtered his whole tribe would have an interesting meeting if it ever occured.

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