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The squeal of the tavern door jolted Kadis from his nap. The red-gold light of sunset was washing over the town, and Kadis lurched up, running his hands over his belt to make sure he was prepared. Sword, buckler, his near-empty money pouch, and his pack had been undisturbed. He grabbed the straps and hoisted it onto his shoulders. It would be good to be back on the road again, this place was beginning to wear thin for him.

Kadis headed out of the tavern and towards the north gate. He shook his head. Traveling at dusk was a bad move from his perspective - Bandits might be resting, but the lack of proper visibility, combined with the group being tired before their journey even started, was not a good move, especially given he wasn't exactly hiring high-quality mercenaries, instead, just calling out every thug and sellsword with a dagger. And then again, the Dwarf might have ulterior motives for hauling his goods after sundown, less of a chance they'd get examined under proper light. If the Dwarf is hauling contraband, this would be the way to do it.

Kadis shoved those thoughts out of his head. They might be true, but as long as he was properly paid and didn't get killed on the road, he didn't care how poorly the Dwarf made plans.

The Centaur and another human were already waiting. He stood back away from them - no sense interrupting their conversation. He took stock of both of them. Both seemed like seasoned warriors, given their armament and size. Probably Mercenaries. Maybe professional soldiers.. He settled back, keeping a surreptitious eye on them. Know your enemy was a maxim he had learned a long time ago, and in this day and age, it west best to be wary of anyone and everyone.
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