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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
I've never been a fan of the chopped-down smartphone variants, but would be totally lost without my WM6 pda. I use it to keep track of personal and work appts, contacts. The fact that it syncs with outlook for all this is invaluable for me. Winmobile 6 is ok, though not a huge step up from WM5, though it looks like MS is doing some major overhaulin for WM7.

WMDC(window mobile device center) on vista is great, a superior improvement over MS activesync(xp and earlier)

Might even be worth waiting for the WM7 generation phones negsun??

I have HTC touch, which I love the look and feel of. Whilst I manage ok for what I use it for, I recommend people get the dual core version, coz its quicker, and more effectively used as a mobile media device than the first gen version Ive got.

Easily the best site to keep track of all things WM and smartphone is 4winmobile. As it's a UK site, all of the stuff about contracts and carriers they may mention will be relevant to you negsun(much less so to me!) I used to be a reg at their forums but only have time to lurk here nowdays
Cheers for that site Astro! Some good reviews on there, especially the HTC Touch one which I'm interested in.

It's a really hard choice for me, and the end of my current contract comes near and I still haven't found my favorite choice of Phone/smartphone/PDA yet...There's some nice offers from Samsung (F700), Nokia (N91 8GB) and Sony Ericsson (W960 8GB), as well as the HTC Touch you've mentioned which looks awesome too...I'm leaning more towards the 8GB ones, as a music lover, but since flash memory prices are crumbling fast, I expect to see more phones or even Smartphones/PDAs to show up with loads more storage like that.

There's some interesting bits going on in news-land as well:

IBM develops optical switch for multi-core CPUs
^ I just read an article in a magazine about this technology (which Intel will probably steal and make better ), and it seems like a logical, but also very effective evolution in CPU architecture, can't wait to see it implemented

Intel reveals (a bit) more about Larrabee
^ Seems interesting enough, but will it translate into good graphics performance under both DX10 and OpenGL? Time will tell...

Another 9800GX2 review
^ Except for Crysis pwnage or ultra high resolutions I wouldn't touch this monster with a ten foot pole, and like the 3870X2, it doesn't add any significant innovations to the GPU market, except reduce the need for a special mobo if you want to use Sli/CrossFire.

Nehalem = Phenom ???
^ Very interesting read, maybe the next generation CPUs might battle on a bit more even ground this way? Doesn't surprise me one bit coming from Intel though

Roll out some more Phenom, 9750 B3 stepping is good to go apparently
^ Finally, lets see if they can stop blaming the TLB error and squeeze some clock speeds outta this sucker!

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