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I wasn't talking about Zalbar or Hanhar being force sensitive, just fighting it out. Wookies have become an important part of the knights franchise, and I dont' think that should change. And I do think that a fight between the two would be a good way to wrap them up. Maybe have Hanhar preparing to lead slave raids against Kasshyk, and Zalbar getting ready to ground his vessel, but one or the other needs jedi/sith help to come out triumphant because too much a stand off without your intervention.

Don: He was a jedi master according to what he said that the Jedi council told him after the war with Exar Khun, but when was killed by Evil Revan according to one version of events, his body didn't disappear. So you could have him in there just changing his back story a little bit depending on whether a different dialogue in K3 said that Revan was ls or ds in K1.
Revan LS: Jolee helped in bringing down the star forge.
Revan DS: Jolee used a force technique to simulate death, and Revan and Bastilla were in too much a hurry to thoroughly check to make sure he was dead, and both were a little naive too.

It could work.

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