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All I can say urluckyday is....backup! A few of my hometheatre pc peeps were getting the dreaded endless reboot after SP1(RC of course). I doubt they have 100% of the bugs worked out

No need to get a snazzy backup proggie either(before Ray and negsun poke at me about it)...but if you have vista's backup and restore center has a full system backup option. Works ok, but compression of backups is far less effective than other proggies(by 80%) !! lolz

@negsun >> ive already said it > but if you are going for the HTC Touch, dont get single core version... get the Duo!
................remember..........remember........ remember

btw negsun, heard of the budget priced shuttle....the kpc?? Looks interesting indeed. Basic specs, but can chuck yer own junk in it. But, I think its an intel only dealie The specs are almost identical to my home theatre pc, which is great because more people can use a shuttle for this without paying an arm and a leg.


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