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The bard slipped a hand to his belt, opened a pouch slightly and took out a medium-sized leaf wrapped around something. Eldir placed it on the table and slid it over towards Cia.
"I happen to have lost a pouch full of these. I was wondering if you had seen it" he said and took his glass again, taking a sip from the water. If Cia attempted to open the leaf to see what was inside, he would not stop her, but she would find nothing but a loose and airy powder within it. It was an elven type of traveling meal for those who didn't have time to prepare food and didn't have space to carry large breads or something similar. The trick was to first mix into the powder a single drop of elven water, close the leaf again and then hit it with something hard. After being hit, the mixture inside the leaf would first bloat slightly, making the leaf into an oval shape and after this suck the green off the leaf. After the leaf turned red or orange, you could eat it with or without the leaf, however you wanted to digest it. Eldir kept close eye of the thief and watched her every move.


Skarra looked at Radek and gave a light laugh.
"You either believe that the council is backed up by the people in all situations, or you fear that if you return, the new council head will start rumors of their once loyal warrior becoming a savage murderer" the Centaur said and shook his head. The Centaur found humans most amusing in their paranoid lines of thought and the results of these lines of thought.

"Rest easy, friend. There are dozens of villages and towns out there needing guardians nowadays" Skarra noted with a smile, but afterwards looked slightly up and seemed to sadden.
"Town that once were guarded by Centaur and Eagle side by side back in the day. Back in the day before we became too few to roam freely. Glorious days..." he spoke nearly to himself and stepped towards the north gate. He had not been alive when Centaurs and Eagles stood side by side, but could remember the days. It was either because of the strong Centaur lore told to all young ones or that he had lived back then, as Centaurs and Elves both share the factually unproven belief that they will be reborn after a few decade hiatus unless they are savages in their previous life. This lore also backs the belief that Centaur numbers began to grow smaller after the War against the beasts of the subterranean world because the Gods saw most front line soldiers as savages because of their combat experience that numbed most minds after a while.

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