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"Zephyr I don't know why you insisted on coming to Axius. The Tanarians don't even come around anymore except to feed their colony. It's nothing but old rock anyway."
Zephyr, the ever patient Ikriat, sighed and stopped pushing at the foliage. He looked up at his companion. He knew that she was impatient and hell bent on revenge for her family. To her it must seem that they were seeking the enemy out but they weren't. He replied, "Nympha, we are not seeking them out. I want you to see something."
Nymphadora brushed a lock of her hair aside. The ridges distinctive of her race made her impatient frown look more annoyed. She replied, "And just what do you expect to find here Zephyr?"
"Not me. You," Zephyr replied, pointing at her. He then turned to continue peereing through the brush at the ruins. He explained, "These are the ancient ruins of the Tanarians. It was said that they were once a logical race. Perhaps here you may find some answers to why they are on their 'holy quest'."
Nymphadora made an impatient sweep of her hand. "The Tanarians are murderers. Plain and simple." She stopped and looked at the ruins. At a glance, some of the design was unmistakably Anatolian. Nymphadora knew her people were generous in sharing technology and design but she never thought that they would share with Tanarians. She asked, "You knew?"
"The Tanarians borrowed from nearly everyone. The only one that they couldn't make work was that of a race called Humans. The Tanarians considered it a threat." Zephyr looked at Nymphadora intently. It was time she learned that there was a reason behind things and there were those worse off than her.
Nymphadora realized there was a purpse in bringing her here. She understood now. This trouble for these Humans was just as bad as refugees from the worlds they escaped from under Tanarian rule. She asked, "Are there any of these Humans left?"
"Rumours of one," Zephyr shrugged a furry shoulder. He then jumped up and scampered to sit on Nymphadora's shoulder. He then said, "Hey. More likely we'll come across one. I have a file of one in the databases on the Ikriolian."
Nymphadora made a funny face at the name of the bucket of bolts they flew in. It was a joke that since two unlikelys were flying the lanes together. Suddenly she felt the ridges on her neck go cold. Someone was coming. She then spoke to Zeyphr in her language, "Someone is coming."

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