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Severan moved into the bridge of the Last Hope, his numerous claws holding onto something as if it anchor him and prevent him from floating two high. Unlike the rest of the crew, he didn't use legs as his main form of transportation. If he needed to get from A to B, he could merely glide their, his ability to levitate made that fairly easy however his meant he could never stop floating. Usually in an open area, Severan would merely float around and travel circles around whoever he needed to talk to or whatever he needed to observe. But in an confined space such as the halls of the Last Hope, Severan didn't have the opportunity to float around as he would in the out doors, so he had to make do with using his claws to cling onto anything that was strong around to support him. Often he'd find himself using his claws to push himself away from the ceiling.

Once in the bridge he looked out at the planet as he moved into it's atmosphere. "I have a feeling that we'll learn a lot from this place," Severan's robotic voice said, and for every word his spoke, the intensity of the light produce by the half a dozen eyes on his head changed strength. To accompany the voice and changing of light, his teeth hit against the bottom area of his head, they acted as fingers playing a piano that was Severans voice. "But I fear not everything we discover will be good, and perhaps not what you are looking for."

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