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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
@negsun >> ive already said it > but if you are going for the HTC Touch, dont get single core version... get the Duo!
................remember..........remember........ remember
Will do, though I can't get it with my favorite mobile provider, which kinda sucks :/

Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
btw negsun, heard of the budget priced shuttle....the kpc?? Looks interesting indeed. Basic specs, but can chuck yer own junk in it. But, I think its an intel only dealie The specs are almost identical to my home theatre pc, which is great because more people can use a shuttle for this without paying an arm and a leg.
Yeah, the case looks utterly awesome, but that's where the fun ends....No PCI-E and cr*ppy Intel graphics and processor, no Wi-Fi (come on, they can throw it in cheap laptops nowadays, it's not too much to ask IMO), no optical drive (rendering it pretty useless as a home theatre PC if you ask me), etc...

For the price though, it's not too bad I suppose, if there was an AMD alternative with maybe just a single PCI-E expansion slot, an optical drive and some Wi-Fi support, I might consider veering towards it

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