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Thanks for the reply Jedimike, it got fixed when i loaded up this mod evidently something was not activated in the file sets or shut down, i also tweaked the visual settings and all the skies now appear. It is SO much better. The sky before was a pale yellow tone evidently the backtone for the lighting for the sky boxes...and it was ok but really unspiriing. The real skies are excellent and very much more interessting. I am now playing the Mace Windu Party Crasher mod and loving it btw but this Bespin sky mod is really nice i enjoy it very much, a very pretty effect. I should have asked about the sky fault before but i was shy about bugging you guys as i am pretty new to JKO ...i think it is an awesome game btw, one of the best i have played, and the lighting both inside and out especially interests me as i am a 2 D and 3D artist and student of game design and devel. I am just starting to play thru the mods and player made levels ....and there are some really good ones thank goodness for the massassi Temple and other archives of the mods and levels!

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