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Originally Posted by Negative Sun
Yeah, the case looks utterly awesome, but that's where the fun ends....No PCI-E and cr*ppy Intel graphics and processor, no Wi-Fi (come on, they can throw it in cheap laptops nowadays, it's not too much to ask IMO), no optical drive (rendering it pretty useless as a home theatre PC if you ask me), etc...
lolz... the pci-e is the main sticking point for many.(because dual HDTV tuners work best in pci-e) But unless you are a bluray fan, having an optical drive in a htpc is far from a necessity. I dont have one! who the heck watches actual DVDs these days!! For fresh installs etc I have an external drive, the rest is done over remote desktop connection. I use the 5.25 bay to fit another 1TB drive in >> far more useful!!

Im going to wait til they float towards Oz..and see if I can do a basic(non 1080i/p) rig for a htpc before I start recommending them to clients/friends en masse.

* * *

On the news front:

Here's some sad news for those following the fortunes of AMD..
AMD to Lay off 5% of workforce > which amounts to about 800 workers This is one area where theyre glad not to beat intel, with their 10,000 worker cull

Vista SP1 Early Adopters > Please school up before you install
The Vista Team Blog on SP1

HD-DVD will cost Toshiba and Partners(like MS) 1 billion
Summary article from engadget, and for the money minded Toshiba Financial Statement

Whilst there is a part of me that is glad to see the back of HD-DVD, that sum of money being squandered is tragic IMO. I hope manufacturers learn from it

also, a tee-hee from me to anyone who is thinking of buying a 9800GX2
Heat from GeForce 9800 GX2 causing system crashes? Really, are we that surprised....??


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