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Oooh. Well, me and 19 other people rented a limo for St Patty's. Its going all well and good until we get to a night club called Pub St George. A: Its as crowded as Hell after the Crusades and B: I can't find anyone once we get inside. That is, of course, until our friend (a girl, mind you) comes up to us crying. Apparently, her bro-in-law stepped on someone's shoe, apologized, and got beaten for it. She turned into that drunken dumb girl that hops into the fray with people twice her size and gets hit in the face. Me, I'm hammered. Making it worse: I have whiskey running through my veins. The fight is on. The only problem is that the police have been rolling around, not that that stops me from screaming at the guy. That is until someone from our group grabs me by the throat and drags me away. Then I get into his face and the next thing I remember is being dragged back to the limo by 10 people. So now, my throat is still sore. But aside from that, people think I'm now a really stand-up guy. So thats good.
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