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Poll: best of all

so im taking a poll... but problem is to many catogoreys, to many options. what do you think is the best game of all time? (you get 5 votes, but you dont have to use them all if you dont want, by the way each vote is one point)

for me:

phantasy star online episodes 1 and 2 (yes this is one game so) (gamecube
age of empires 2 (computer
monter rancher 4 (Ps2
Star wars battlefront 2 (ps2
Guild Wars ( online

also please vote on your favorite character, and favorite weapon (agian 5 votes each)

mitsuguri (soul calibur series
Ki Adi Mundai (star wars battlefront 2
Super dominator car (burnout 3
roy (fire emblem
Vahn (baulders gate: dark alliance 1+2


gravity hammer (halo 3
the duel yellow lightsaber (KOTOR
the brionac (phantasy star online episodes 1+2
Sophitia's version of soul calibur (not exactely cool but god that thing is useful! (soul calibur 3
Sentinel (james bond 007: nightfire

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