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(although I failed to specify this, the Last Hope is a small freighter, like the Millenium Falcon, and Davison currently travels alone, but I suppose Severan might travel with him.)
"I already doubt that what I will discover will be good. I'm looking for why they wiped out my people, and for how I can bring justice to those monsters. This isn't just revenge though. You know that thousands of systems are still under the rule of the Tanarians. I will not let another needless genocide take place at their hands." John replied. He then looked to find a safe place to land the ship. He spotted a clearing near the ruins he wanted to investigate, and began landing procedures there. He looked and saw an Ikriat and an Anatolian also making their way to the ruins. Considering the type of people who went into those ruins, he figured they could be allies in his fight against the Tanarians. He landed the two of them and stepped out.

"Heading for the ruins are you? Mind if I join you?" He asked, speaking perfect Standard.

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