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Seeing that people were leaving for the North Gate, Curudir decided to join them. As soon as he finished his mead, he handed the bartender a gold piece to pay for it, telling him to keep the change. He then left the tavern and got back on his horse and make his way to the gate. Upon arriving, he looked at the others who had already arrived at the gate. Among them were most of the bar's patrons, including the centaur, the dark elf, the lich, and even the half-elf.

They certainly looked well equipped for whatever job this dwarf was planning, so Curudir weighed the alternatives. The pay he would be getting would be much more divided than he originally hoped, but gold was gold, none the less. Chasing after the zealots would likely cost him more gold than it would pay, and it could certainly wait. He then approached the dwarf. "You've certainly got enough people for this escort job of yours, but mind if join you?" He asked.

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