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((Has Davison actually seen an Ikrian or Anatolian before? I would think that it would be slightly strange or he wouldn't know she was Anatolian if he was coming from behind))

Nymphadora heard and felt the sentient before he spoke. She had warned Zephyr in her language that someone was coming and stood there. Better not to appear alarmed otherwise you give the enemy advantage. She heard the sentient speak in Standard but didn't turn to face him.
Zephyr was a little more bold and turned around on Nymphadora's shoulders. He cocked his large ears curiously at the sentient. He saw it was a Human, a first for him. He cock his head to each side as if to get a better look. He then answered, "Identify yourself." He knew Nymphadora wpuld be ready should anything happen. They had gotten out of countless scrapes before.

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