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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
Here's some sad news for those following the fortunes of AMD..
AMD to Lay off 5% of workforce > which amounts to about 800 workers This is one area where theyre glad not to beat intel, with their 10,000 worker cull
I must point out that AMD firmly denies this.

It's not all bad though
^ Business is business after all, and with a company that's in as much trouble as AMD/Ati is atm, I'm suprised it's only an alleged 5% layoffs...Hopefully they can put the money to good use. Maybe on more things like this:
AMD gets first ever DisplayPort certification
^ That's good stuff.

S3 launches new GPU
^ well they're certainly not aiming for the 9800 GX2 lolz

*sigh* I really miss the days when 3dfx Voodoos were pummeling everyone else...

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