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fo sho? in all of the jedi knight games theres at least an arm that comes off, and in the Episode 3 game arms and sometimes legs come off and when your about to fight some jedi chick there are clone trooper heads, arms, legs, and mutilated bodies laying everywhere and T-rated games can have blood and gore (even though this games only rated Teen for fantasy violence) but Hayden Blackman said in an issue of Game Informer (not quoting this exactly) that "if you swing your saber and force push at the same time that the person would go flying off (and sometimes in more than one peice)" and it said that you could get eatin by a rancor, do force repulse in its stomach and blow it up, to me that sounds more violent than choppin up some troopers. But anyways im just sayin though cuz iv always wanted to totally own a stormtrooper with my saber and id figure what a better way to do it than in a next gen star wars game, but anyways its still gona be a great game (inhales a long needed breath of air)
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