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During TSL after Nar Shaddaa: A silent watcher yearns for more.

Excellent work! The depth of the character is explored, the yearning deep enough that you can feel it with him.

Pick of the Week


The Beginning of TSL: The Exile finds herself in an unfamiliar place

You used some words incorrectly; vents instead of events. Nothing that canít be cured by editing.

A basic retelling, but still an interesting take. Keep it up.

Cleansing breath

Enroute to Onderon: Sequel to Who's afraid of the big bad kinrath? The Exile wonders what is happening between Atton and Kreia.

The piece is interesting in itís view of the relationship between the trio. We as the reader (Or gamer as the case may be) know whatís going on, and the way the characters deal with it is of interest to us for that very reason.

Last to the Battle

First posted 29 Sept 2006, this is my original review;

The events after KOTOR

The author has captured the biggest problem I foresaw for Revan. You were the worst monster in history, you slaughtered everyone like a malevolent child (GRís own phrase) and now youíre not sure if you will ever be accepted. Extremely well done.

Reprise Pick of the Week

Dreams Are Where Truth Sleeps
Amber Penglass

TSL After Onderon: Trying to calm someone in a nightmare leads to more complications.

The piece is well written, and flows well. The scene and itís interruption was well done. The ending was cute. A bit of fluff by the admission of the author, but a warm bit of fluff.

Pick of the week.

A Lot to Forgive
Amber Penglass

TSL on Dxun at Freedon Naddís tomb: Atton faces the worst enemy imaginable.

Amber is a master of using elements of the game out of sequence on someone other than the one the game designers used. No fluff this time, just brutal hard honesty and a look into our favorite scoundrel.

Pick of the Week.

Who You Were, Who You Are
Master JuriJuice

TSL after Korriban and before Onderon: The thoughts in Attonís mind about what he once was.

The piece was excellent right up to the last paragraph. As to that paragraph, it surpassed itself by becoming a sudden twist the rest had never given you.

Pick of the week.

I Know
Amber Penglass

TSL after Korriban follows A Lot to Forgive: The one best to heal is the one who knows what that wound is.

The scenes are well done, the style eminently Amberís.

Pick of the Week.

The Big Bad Lord of Hunger

TSL The fight between the Guardian and Nihilus: So I wasnít the only one who thought it was lame!

Written in stage script style, the scene is what we know, but taken with a funny twist. Yggdrasil has always one of the first I reviewed in this forum, and I eagerly await every post.

Pick of the Week.

Once He's Dead (Chapter One)
Revans Pet Duck
TSL after the climactic battle, returning to Telos: You donít know what you have until itís been lostÖ

The piece covers a part a lot of us ignore, what will happen if Atton dies and you have Mical in your party. The angst is well done, the mental interplay good.

Tinkering With a Droid

TSL, no specific time given: Some people just arenít good with machinesÖ

The piece is light and fluffy, and by the authorís own admission, too short. I for one have never understood why the game insists on giving you side quests you really canít do, this one in particular.

Pick of the Week.

Savin' Me Part 1

TSL after Nar Shaddaa: First you have to forgive yourselfÖ

Looking into Attonís mind is always an interesting journey and this is no exception. Having the dead woman like a ghost haunting him is a good point because as we can see, since he cannot forgive himself, he is not yet free of the past.

A pick of the week.

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