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ok the dark forces link is for jedi academy,

its a large download but its amazing!!!and worth the wait.
valley of the sith is on massassi check the download section for jedi academy single player levels
um....the thing with spaceport which was one of his best,the only place i think you could get it was pcgamemods and they are no longer with us.
let me check around to see if anyone else has it and ill get back to you.
heres the link for tavion;3006

with me i have outcast ,the whole game playing from academy,for the moves and better enemies.but this mod,to allow you to play all of outcasts missions in academy was taken down but i think,buffy ,had or has helped people to do not sure of this.

another real good one is this the escape yavin levels,another huge download but worth it;58958

and i also cant forget the nina series,these maps are spectacular and the new one is coming as well;34242;39828;55405;70175

on the massassi boards he previewed the new level with nina.
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