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Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
Hopefully it is just a rumour spread by unscrupulous intel peeps... I wonder if the inquirer has an intel bias...I'm not on it long enough to notice ...
You wonder correctly...It's so far up Intel's behind you can't see their metaphorical feet anymore most of the time

Originally Posted by Astrotoy7
All this new GPU stuff coming to fore... I must admit, I love the idea of hybrid GPU technology(from a power efficiency POV). Imagine combining a hybrid mainboard with a CnGPU setup >> this means that you could potentially get TRI or QUAD SLI/XF without a discrete card(or just a singe card for quad) >> now that is a freakin great idea!

Thats the only way to smash games like crysis at HD without buying a discrete card(or 3) that costs as much as a small car, but more expensive to run!!
The 780G chipset with integrated HD3400 GPU and Hybrid Crossfire is truly a work of art, not only does it totally pwn in Hybrid Crossfire and say an HD3870 at most resolutions (1680x1050 or below, bar Crysis), the IGP is also extremely overclockable (from 500Mhz to 800Mhz with no extra cooling, and even more with some added voltage and fans)
Here's a nice little graph of it, mind it's only with the HD3450 at the top, but it 's only at 1024x768 as well, imagine it with an HD3870 and a higher rez and I'm sure the results would still pwn!

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