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I was hoping you'd ask that.

Originally Posted by Cliche
Found the star (lt. blue against almost the same color background) - thanks!! Now I'm trying to snag the leftover figments in Waterloo World - particularly the ones in a string across the river. These are the opposite way around - quite easy to spot, but difficult to figure out how to reach. Even when I bounce or float in the smoke, I can't get enough altitude and pass right under them.
Great! Glad to answer questions about figments in Waterloo World. I spent some time developing various techniques there and am happy to pass them on.

There's a trick to the smoke. While floating in the smoke face the figments, then back up slowly. Just when you start to fall, start forward again and go to the figments. This will give Raz upward as well as forward momentum. Psychonauts' physics model is so good that this works. The first few times I tried it Raz passed *over* the figments.

There are still more tricks for other problem figments.

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