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The Griffin was floating around in space. Tale sat in the cockpit, sleeping. Suddenly the computer sent out a beep.

"Master Tale, wake up!" JO-7O, the ship's computer said.

"What now?"

"While you were sleeping, we have recieved a number of messages!"

"*sigh* work, work, work...I'm not going to do another bounty for a crime-lord just because some stupid rat owes them money..."

"This might be intressting for you...We have recieved a bounty, from more than one organisation...And I would guess that quite many bounty hunters will try to collect this one, the price is high...and one of the requests comes from the Tanarians..."

"Hmmm...sounds like a challenge. But what's the bounty and what other organisations? And most much?"

"The bounty is a human...and when it comes to the rest, I think you should see the messages yourself."

"Humans? Didn't they all die, either in the destruction of Earth or the afterhunt?"

"That's what everyone thought, but somehow the Tanarians have discovered that another human is still alive."

" me the messages!"
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