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Okay, If nobody will help with the restoration efforts, I shall roleplay...MYSELF!

Ave wondered around the ruins of the school. She felt odd, knowing that the place they once enjoyed and had merriment and shenanigans at was now a crumbled pile of destruction. Roaming through a litter cluttered hallway she found it. Pausing at the door, she looked at the room number, 218: It was her and Zelda's room. She slowly reached for the handle and twisted the knob, letting the door open itself. She stepped in to see what had happened.

The beds and walls and furniture was tarnished and blackened from the distruction. The furniture was still intact, leading Ave to believe her stuff may still be there. Reaching for the drawer of the nightstand, she pulled to reveal a small booklet, with yellowed pages and a worn black faux snakeskin cover: Her diary. Reaching in to pull it out, she flipped through the pages and relived the past. The preperation for the welcome dance, pasted in pictures of her before boarding school, her mid-school longing tales for Lucas. The smile crossed her face, remembering all the good times. Than, she remembered the box under the bed.

Reaching under the bed, she pulled out her box. It was a wooden case, filled with random things of hers. A jedi costume, purchased for the halloween she never got to celebrate that year; her worn copies of "1984" and "Kitchen Confidential"; and at the bottom, her scattered pieces of the build your own lightsaber kit. That gave her the idea, "Hmm, maybe I could make use of this." She tossed the diary in the box and got ready to get up when she heard steps in the hallway. The door was wide open, so she knew she'd be discovered. Shoving the box back under the bed, she ran to the closet and hid, hiding amongst the dustridden and musty clothes. Holding her breath the footsteps drew closer, than entered the room. She opened her eyes to peek out, and released a sigh of release when he spoke, "Ave? Honey where are you?"

Placing a hand on the door, she opened it up. "Hey Lucas, sorry I scared you a little."
"What are you doing? It's dangerous up here."
"It's my room, my stuff's still here." She pulled the box out to show Lucas, he smiled throughout the whole process.

"Wow", he said, "We've come a long way."
"I know." Ave said, sitting on the bed next to him, "Are you sure you're ready to go save the earth?"
"As long as you are." He said, "Now, you said you have a lightsaber to build. I'll help you out."
Ave stood up and punched him lightly, "Thanks, Bao"
"No problem," He said, smirking, "General."
She just let out a sigh, and with the box under her arm, led him out, back to the safehouse.
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