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The bard was getting annoyed at the thief and stood up, finishing his drink.
"Apparently not, then" he said and took the leaf he had placed on the table, slipping it back into the pouch where it came from.
"If you happen to find them, I'm leaving with a merchant from the north gates once the sun has set" Eldir noted and walked calmly off, but stopping next to the nymph who seemed extremely anxious to get away from the guards stomping around outside rather loudly. As a fellow creature of the woods, Eldir thought quickly and removed his shield from his back, shoving it to the nymph.

"Place this across your back, hunch low and act so as if you were drunk as a barbarian after a fifteen day feast" the elf said, placing his arm over the nymph afterwards as if he were trying to carry him out and into his home after a hard day of drinking. It might even work if the guards were stupid enough.


The Centaur approached the dwarf lugging crates on the back of his two mule-driven cart and helped him lug the last ones. As they lugged, one of the men standing around came over asking to be hired.
"Aye lad, it's good to have as many guards as you can on this road. You're welcome to join in" the dwarf told the man before looking over at the centaur who lugged the last crate on the cart.

"So, where are we heading?" the centaur asked, looking at all the people hanging around and coming with the conclusion that they would be going too.
"Port Jasper, my boy. But we'll be making a detour at Stonehaven. The men of that hideous fort have ordered some fresh weaponry and frankly I want to be out of that doomed place as soon as I get there" the dwarf told the centaur who nodded and looked at the crates.
"What's the cargo to Port Jasper then?" Skarra asked after a while and the dwarf grunted at his curiosity.
"Metals, clothes, exotic items. Everything that could make a profit there, my boy" the dwarf said before turning his back on the Centaur to indicate the conversation was over. Skarra smiled as a response and walked up to the mules, petting them as if to try and strengthen them by words before and arduous journey.

He couldn't guess just how arduous...

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