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Tale was walking the road towards the town of Kolirum-Masaar. He whistled to a melody of an old drinking song. After awhile he reached the North Gate.

Tale went through the gate and said: "Kolirum-Masaar...Long time, no see."
He looked around... the North Gate was more crowded than it uses too. He saw all kinds of people around a dwarf, armed people with lots of weapons.
"What's happening here?" Tale asked a guard. The guard didn't say anything. Tale starred at the guard, shook his head and turned around. Then he asked the same question to a random person passing by his right side.
"I'm not sure, but I heard something about a job at the North Gate in the tavern." Tale smiled and went towards the people.

"Good evening, fine people!" Tale said "What are you doing this late hour and with weapons?"
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