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Post I dont think so

Originally Posted by jedimike2234
fantastic skyboxes buffy thank you!the 2 hawaii blue skies are just what ive been looking for!!!and the mustafar skybox looks also very good !i will be using all of them.
thank you!now the bespin levels look much better!

you know buffy this is so good maybe you should post it at jediknight2 at filefront so everyone else can use them.i know im not the only one who kinda got tired of the raven bespin skybox after all this time.they are fantastic!!!
I dont like much filefront people too
I dont know how to make readme also
anybody can make this mini mod
just change name to bespin and replace any skybox from JO or JA's other map's skybox
and 2 of from Sith-J-Cull's map so
I have to ask him for permisson too :O
it too much for me
this is only for people in here is ok

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