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Originally Posted by Negative Sun
Yes, but not everyone operates at 1920x1200 or above
cmon, two years ago, if you asked the average enthusiastic gamer what they play at, itd be 1280 x 1024 >> now its closer to 1600x1200 >> within another 12 months and beyond, 1080 capable LCDs will further drop in price, making HD gaming commonplace, and not just the purview of display junkies like me!

The GPU market has already shifted towards this end... with DVI/HDMI out ports on specialist mainboards and graphics cards... heck, theres no standard vga out on most of the new cards these days. Compared to DVI/HDMI, above 1600x1200 VGA(an analogue standard)cant cut it, so the reason for it is quite practical.

Many of us are already there negsun, for the rest it is simply a matter of time.

Its a digital world now negsun...not an analogue one


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